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Pre-Function Space

The Art of Camaraderie

Asheville Group Activities + Events Venue

Build connections with a private group experience

After a day of planning next quarter’s budget or vision-casting for the future, a little downtime is in order. At Kimpton Arras Hotel, our team wants to help your team genuinely connect and take home uniquely Asheville memories. Thanks to our exclusive partnerships with local businesses, we can do just that. Peruse the list below for a few ways we can add some fun to your agenda and elevate your corporate event—or any occasion—that brings you to Asheville

Sip & Savor

Sip, savor and learn together during a private wine and cheese tasting course. Guided by a professional sommelier, you’ll explore pairings that range from classic to esoteric. Perhaps you’ll even discover an up-and-coming Cabernet or a robust new clothbound cheese. Either way, it’s a lovely way to uncork your team’s camaraderie.

Private Trolley Tours

Mix humor and history during a rolling trek of Asheville, courtesy of our partner LaZoom Tours. Founded by two street performers who fell in love, LaZoom takes your group on a one-of-a-kind Asheville excursion as the guides entertain and inform you. Choose the City Comedy Tour, Haunted Comedy Tour or the Band & Beer Tour.

Balanced Agenda

We love a strong work ethic, yet we also know the benefits of balance. Join your team in learning how meditation can lower stress, enhance productivity and even improve cooperation. Our Yoga Master customizes each session to fit your team’s interests, with themes that include emotional intelligence, stress management and collaboration.

Creative Canvas

A renowned mecca for arts and crafts, Asheville is the perfect canvas for your team’s creativity. Bond over pottery, glassblowing, textiles or murals—we’ll be honored to introduce your team to hands-on arts programs in the nearby River Arts District or in West Asheville.

Busk a Move

It’s rare to stroll along any Asheville city block without encountering music. From banjos and guitars to saxophones and hand saws, street performers (buskers) fill the air with their serendipitous tunes, closing the gap between musician and listener. Say the word, and we’ll bring the musical whimsy to your next break or meet-and-greet.

Cheers to Local Beers

From floral IPAs to classic lagers, the craft beer scene is taking Asheville locals and visitors by storm. From our hotel alone, you can walk to more than 20 breweries. But before you head out to explore “Beer City,” start with a private tasting right here at the hotel. We’ll draft a plan for your group to be toasting each other over local, small-batch brews.

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